Voluntary Compliance

​In the Conflict of Interest Act, paragraph (d) of the definition of "public office holder" provides that all Governor in Council appointees, except those listed, are public office holders. To be covered by the definition, the appointment must actually be made by the Governor in Council.

There are a number of individuals, including, for example, some directors of museums and the Governor of the Bank of Canada, whose appointments, as set out in the relevant legislation, only require approval by the Governor in Council. In these instances, the individuals are appointed by their organization. While the Act does not apply to them, in almost all cases individuals falling into this category have agreed to comply voluntarily with its provisions. It is to be noted that the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner cannot apply the enforcement provisions to these individuals.

Individuals who agreed to voluntarily comply with the provisions of the Act are listed below:
Margaret Louise Beckel
Mark O’Neill
Marc Mayer
Michel Perron