List of Sponsored Travel

​The Conflict of Interest Code for Members of the House of Commons requires the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner to submit to the Speaker of the House of Commons, by March 31 each year, a list of sponsored travel by Members during the previous calendar year.
Sponsored travel is travel the costs of which exceed $200 and are not wholly paid from the Consolidated Revenue Fund or by the Member personally, his or her political party or any parliamentary association recognized by the House of Commons. Members may accept, for themselves and guests, sponsored travel that arises from or relates to their position. They must, within 60 days after the end of a trip, file a statement with the Commissioner disclosing the travel.
Sponsored travel is governed by section 15 of the Code. Section 15 replaced former House of Commons Standing Order 22. Standing Order 22 came into effect in February 1986 and required that such travel be recorded in a public registry maintained by the Clerk of the House of Commons.