Information for Public Office Holders

The Conflict of Interest Act applies to over 2,700 full- and part-time public office holders.
All public office holders are subject to the Act’s core set of conflict of interest and post-employment rules. More than half of those covered by the Act are subject only to these general rules. This group is primarily made up of part-time members of federal boards, commissions and tribunals, as well as some part-time ministerial staff. A fact sheet providing a Summary of Rules for Public Office Holders is available.
Approximately half of public office holders are also reporting public office holders. They are subject not only to the Act’s general rules but also to its reporting and public disclosure provisions, as well as prohibitions against outside activities and holding controlled assets. Reporting public office holders include ministers, parliamentary secretaries, ministerial staff and all full-time Governor in Council appointees such as deputy ministers, heads of Crown corporations and members of federal boards. A fact sheet providing a Summary of Rules for Reporting Public Office Holders is available.
In some instances, the Act sets out additional requirements for reporting public office holders who are ministers or parliamentary secretaries. Fact sheets providing a Summary of Rules for Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries and a Summary of Rules for Ministerial Staff are available.

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