Monetary Penalties

The Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner may impose administrative monetary penalties up to $500 on reporting public office holders who fail to meet certain reporting requirements of the Conflict of Interest Act. The process for applying a penalty can be initiated up to five years after the Commissioner becomes aware of an alleged violation.

Information on the penalty regime is available here.

If the Commissioner believes on reasonable grounds that a reporting public office holder has committed a violation, he may issue a Notice of Violation that includes a proposed penalty amount. The reporting public office holder has 30 days in which to pay the penalty or make written representations to the Commissioner. Where representations have been made, the Commissioner decides, on a balance of probabilities, whether the Act has been violated and, if so, may impose the penalty originally proposed, a lesser penalty or no penalty. Where a penalty is imposed, the Commissioner makes public, five working days after the notice of decision is served on the public office holder, the nature of the violation, the name of the reporting public office holder and the amount of the penalty.
Individuals who have been subject to administrative monetary penalties are listed below.

NOTE: Notices of administrative monetary penalties are in the preferred language of the reporting public office holder.





Ms. Joyce Murray

Mr. Paul George Dittmann



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