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Are you running to be a Member of the House of Commons?
Here is information you will need if elected!

If elected to the House of Commons, you will be subject to the rules in the Conflict of Interest Code for Members of the House of Commons (Code).

The Code will help you, as a Member, to avoid conflicts of interest as you serve the public. The Code sets out rules that you and your family must follow. This includes confidential disclosure of certain information to the Office. The Code also contains the procedure for investigating alleged contravention of these rules.

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What information must be disclosed to the Commissioner?

Within 60 days of having your name published in Canada Gazette as a new Member, you will be required to disclose certain private information about your income, liabilities and other holdings to the Office. The form to provide this information is available here.

What about my spouse and family?

Your spouse and dependent children will also have to disclose the same information to the Office within the same 60-day period as you. The same form can be used.

Will any of this become public?

Only general information will be made public, as required under section 24 of the Code. You will be assigned an advisor who will prepare a summary of information requiring public disclosure and send it to you for review. Once you have reviewed, signed and submitted it to the Office it will be posted on the public registry. The information is then removed when you stop being a Member, for example at the time the next election is called.

What else do I have to disclose to the Office?

On an ongoing basis, you will have to disclose to the Office any changes to your assets or liabilities, outside activities or life changes such as getting married or having a child.

What about gifts?

Members of the House of Commons may receive gifts. These could include invitations to receptions and galas, or tickets to sporting events, to name a few. All gifts are subject to an acceptability test and must be publicly disclosed if they are worth $200 or more.

What if I am made a parliamentary secretary or minister?

In addition to your obligations under the Code, as a parliamentary secretary or minister you would have additional requirements in the Conflict of Interest Act. For example, you would be prohibited from holding controlled assets such as stocks. Our Website includes more information about the Act.